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Rules and Regulations

General Information

Establishing and maintaining procedures and standards of proper behavior is a shared responsibility of teachers, parents, students, administrators, and the broader community.  Since the purpose of school is education, children should be able to work in a classroom where attention can be focused on instruction.  It is for this reason that we ask parents not to interrupt the instruction in the classroom, and not to bring lunches for children. 

At Beckford we want to develop self-direction and responsible judgment in students for classroom and playground activities.

Any student who violates these rules and procedures is subject to disciplinary action by the school staff.  Disciplinary action may consist of counseling, reprimand, benching, or other appropriate actions, as determined by staff.  Parents will be notified and conferences requested if students repeatedly violate school rules.  Serious or repeated violations of these rules may result in suspension from school ranging from one to five days.  Extremely serious or continuted violations of these rules could result in a student being transferred to another school within LAUSD. 

The  rules and regulations have been established by our School Based Management Council and School Site Council.  Please review these rules with your child and return the attached form to the school so that we may be sure that you have received and reviewed these procedures.

Arrival and Dismissal

  1. All students should arrive between 7:45 a.m. and 8:05 a.m.  No students are to arrive before 7:45 a.m. unless they are enrolled in the YMCA program.  We do not have child care available in the office or on the yard.
  2. Main gate opens at 7:00 a.m. for staff.  Children are to be dropped off at the Beckford Avenue play yard gate at 7:45 a.m.  Children are not to be dropped off in the staff parking lot or at the gate near the cafeteria. Staff cars pull in continuously and we need to keep our children safe.
  3. The bell rings at 8:05 a.m.  Children need to report directly to their classrooms.  Students and parents are not to wait in front of the classrooms before the bell rings.  Everyone is to remain on the yard.


  1. Students must respect the rights and property of others.
  2. Students must use appropriate language and/or gestures.
  3. Studens must not trade or sell anything on the school yard.
  4. Students must be respectful and follow directions given by adults.
  5. Weapons, knives, spiked or heavy accessories, explosives, intoxicants and drugs are not to be brought to school. Beckford has a "No Tolerance" policy.
  6. Large combs, toys, radios, cameras, skates, shoes with wheels, skateboards, and scooters are not to be brought by students unless specifically approved by the school administration.
  7. Gum, candy and soda are not to be brought to school.
  8. Students must have permission to leave the school grounds during the school day.
  9. Students must remain on the school grounds throughout the school day, unless they have been picked up by a parent and cleared through the office.
  10. Prescribed medication must be submitted with a signed authorization form to the school office.  Staff will administer dosage.

Play Yard

  1. Only school playground supplies and equipment may be used for games played at school unless specifically authorized by the teacher or administration.
  2. Students must not play in the restroom or around the buildings.
  3. When on the yard, at recess or noon, students must play in assigned aresas or sit near game areas.
  4. Ball monitors shuld hold on to equipment before and after games.  Balls may not be thrown, bounced after the bell has rung.
  5. Students may not leave school grounds to recover a ball that goes over the fence.  The loss must be reported to a yard supervisor.
  6. Students are not to play ball against the buildings.
  7. Students are not to swing on the tetherballs.
  8. Students with cast, splints, or ace bandages may not play on the yard.  They report to the library.

Bike Regulations

  1. Students in grades 3, 4 and 5 may ride their bikes to school.
  2. The students must have bike licenses and obtain a permit from the office.
  3. Students must walk their bikes in and out of the school.  Bikes must be locked in the bike area next to the lunch area.
  4. Students must wear approved helmets.

Lunch / Snacks

  1. Snacks and lunch may be eaten in the lunch area only.
  2. Students must be quiet and orderly while eating in the lunch area.
  3. Students must remain seated and follow directions of the lunch supervisors.
  4. All litter must be thrown into the trash cans.
  5. Glass containers are not safe at school.
  6. Students may bring water, juice, or milk to school.  Leave the soda at home.
  7. Parents are not  permitted, according to health code, to eat in the lunch area with their children.