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Classroom Volunteers

Classroom Volunteers – General Process

1)    Fill out LAUSD Parent Volunteer form at the LAUSD website.

Click here to visit the LAUSD volunteer application page.


Click on  Fill out the volunteer commitment form, as well, which has a link on that same page. If you need your student’s ID to complete the application, this may be obtained via the school office or your student’s progress report card.

2)    Once you fill out the online volunteer application, submit it, print it out, and bring the printout to Stella in the Beckford school office.

Stella will then call LAUSD to make an appointment for fingerprinting at the LAUSD volunteer processing office (you need an appointment). Fingerprinting for volunteering at LAUSD schools must be done at an LAUSD facility. There will no longer be a cost for fingerprinting.


3)    At fingerprinting appointment, you will need:

·        Driver’s License/ID

·        Social Security Card (name must match the ID name)


The LAUSD fingerprinting place is at a school in Reseda; the address is provided below (for mapping purposes). Bring your driver’s license and social security card to the appointment.  The appointment will take about 15-20 minutes, including filling out a form on site.

LAUSD Valley – Classified Employment

6505 Zelzah Avenue

Reseda, CA 91335

4)    Someone from Beckford, most likely Stella, will let you know your clearance, which will lead to you getting the LAUSD volunteer badge. 

The fingerprinting process is only necessary once: it is good for classroom volunteering the rest of your student’s time in the LAUSD education system.


Thank you for becoming involved in your student's education. This experience will forge another bond between you and your student. Your commitment and efforts will be noticed and appreciated!