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Mr. Nakagama

Weekly News


If you are in my class and you would like to be a reporter for the week. Let me know and your news article could go here. Below is an example from last year. 

Weekly News

           Hello. It’s Kamilani speaking. I am your reporter and I will be writing the news every week. My job as a reporter is to tell everyone what is happening on campus or mainly in the classroom. So, if you haven’t finished all your due IWT, please finish it now. Remember, if you finish that piece of work, tell Mr. Nakagama so he can take your name off of the missing list. Everyone needs to be finished with all the grammar quizzes, the selfie project, Sign of the beaver short answer 1-3, and the job application.

           Also, I have been informed that we have Wednesday off for a Jewish holiday called Yonkapure. So that means we don’t have psychomotor next week. If you are behind on a lot of IWT, then you should take it home or at least stop talking to your neighbors so you can go faster.    

        There has been a new task to do. If Mr.Nakagama said you are done with everything, then you can do the mosquito project. He says that there has been a new mosquito in Southern California. You need to write if you think this is real or if the news are trying to scare us. Lastly, you need to answer the question with What, where, when, why, and how.

If everyone can keep up with their work, Mr.Nakagama may allow us to have extra P.E or GOnoodle. So, if you enjoy doing this, then I inform you to go faster so we could do these extra activities.

Enjoy the rest of your day!!!




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