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2020 Walk to School Day!!! - OCT5-11

walk to school

Wednesday, October 5th, to Sunday, October 11th, 2020

Beckford Healthy Lifestyles Walk to School Day!

This year, in lieu of our annual Walk to School Event, we will have a remote walking contest. Students will record their family walks from Monday October 5 until Sunday October 11. Each student will log their miles each day either through a link sent by their teacher or by clicking here.

The class with the most miles logged in October will win a prize!

Let’s get exercising!

Take Photos for our PHOTO CONTEST!!!

Click here for more information on the flyer.


Join us for Fit Fridays on... Fridays (weather permitting).

Walk to schoolWalk to school or come early and walk the yard.

Once a month there will be healthy snacks, water and coffee for families walking. 

Campus opens at 7:30am.

NOTE -  While the campus is open for these events, parents are only allowed to be on the yard, not by the classrooms.  Thank you for your cooperation, this will ensure the continuation of Fit Fridays!