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Back to School Night Presentation

For the Back to School Night PowerPoint presentation, please click on the link below.  

BTSN PowerPoint Presentation: 2017-2018

Math Parent Newsletters

These newsletters give parents and students a better understanding of the Engage New York math concepts taught in the classroom.

Module 4, Topic A-F

Module 5

Module 6, Topic A-D

Module 7, Topic B-E

Module 8, Topic A-C


Math Vocabulary and Representations

Math Vocabulary.pdf (PDF)



2nd Grade

Famous Person Poster Examples

For a larger view of the posters please click the links below

Famous Person Poster 2.jpg (JPG)

Famous Person Poster 2(1).jpg (JPG)

Immigration Project

Click on the links below to see examples of the Immigration Project.


Korea.JPG (JPG)

Mexico.JPG (JPG)

Person.JPG (JPG)

Tool Box

From Farm to Table Poster Examples