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Thank you to all the Beckford families that made this year’s BELL Fund Drive a success! All your pledges and donations are making a huge difference for our kids!


Four classrooms earned the movie and popcorn prize for participation this year:


Two classrooms reached 100% participation:


Room 9: Ms. Vallin (3rd Grade)

Room 29: Ms. Paris (3rd Grade)


Room 21: Ms. Cutler (1st Grade) achieved over 90% participation


Room 8: Ms. Milroy (4th Grade) had the highest participation for the upper grades and had the 4th highest participation rate overall


Congratulations to the winning classrooms! Funding for the BELL Fund is a yearlong effort, so keep those contributions coming!


The BELL Fund is a “direct ask” donation program run by the Beckford PTA: families are asked to donate a certain amount per student, and 100% of the proceeds go toward direct funding of critical school needs.


While the campaign is a year-long effort, during September 17 – 28, the BELL Fund Drive encourages families to make their contributions so that funding for school resources can be put in place. Look out for the white lunch bags marked “Powered by BELL Fund” in your student’s backpacks.


During the BELL Fund Drive weeks, classrooms with the highest percentage of participating students in contributing to the BELL Fund win a movie viewing and popcorn on campus


Participating students contributing a threshold amount will also receive a pencil case and will be included in a daily “thank you” announcement.


Some items funded by the PTA (not a complete list):

· Computer lab instruction ($42,000)

· Teacher’s Aide ($18,500)

· P.E. supplement, aka Psychomotor ($15,000)

· Field trip buses ($17,000)

· School equipment, including technology (copiers, projectors, laptops)

· Ballroom dance



More information about the BELL Fund can be found under the BELL Fund tab on the website, and you can pay online with a click of a button. Installment payment plans are available.

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