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Valet Program

Keeping our kids safe is a top priority at Beckford...

and we need your help keeping traffic flowing and reminding ourselves that safety is important.


Why not sign up to help? 

Volunteer Information

Dear Valet Volunteers,

Thank you for volunteering to help us keep our students safe. Please refer to the diagram and numbered locations to understand your role.

NO ADULTS are allowed to walk onto campus.


Morning -- Remind everyone to use crosswalks.

Volunteer #1,2, 3, and 4 help students get out of cars.

Volunteer #5 reminds parents that they cannot go into parking lot or drop off at corner. The ONLY drop-off location is in the valet line.

Parents MAY park and walk their child to the Valet Gate (aka Beckford Gate).


Afternoon -- Remind everyone to use crosswalks

All volunteers report to the valet gate. That is the only gate first - fifth graders will be dismissed from. Call students when parents are in line. Remind students to come with their siblings.

2018-2019 Valet Assignments


Valet Parking Volunteers

Classroom Assignments


August 20 - 31   Kim
September 4 - 14   Ms.Lee
September 17 - 28   Stevens
October 1 - 12   Milroy
October 15 - 26   Lichtman
October 29 - November 9   Nakagama

November 13 - 30

(no school the week of 19th)




December 3 - 14   Holland
January 7 - 18   Carvel
January 22 - February 1   Cutler (Cheney)
February 4 - 15   Gruber
February 19 - March 1   Mrs. Lee
March 4 - 15   Houston
March 18 - 29   Zika
April 2 - 12   Vallin
April 22 - May 3   Varner
May 6 - 17   Pederson
May 20 -31   Paris



Any questions contact:  Amy Flores [ ]